Twitch points integration events (twitch_pts) are not delivered anymore

Hello all,
I developed an overlay for my stream, with some custom code connecting to your APIs via websockets. Yesterday I changed my twitch password and reconnected to wizebot but now my code is not receiving twitch points integration events (twitch_pts) anymore. Other events, such as cheer or follows, are working fine.

What I tried:

  • deactivate/reactivate twitch point integrations in the panel
  • renewed my wizebot API keys
  • created a new redeem with a new WB{…} code and a cooldown

But no success so far.

If you have other ideas to try, it would be very useful to me :pray:

When changing the password, it is necessary to link all the authentications again.

A delay is present after this operation, the time for the “connections” to be made between Twitch and us.

Is the problem still present at this time?


The problem was still present when I retried last saturday, but I tested right now and everything seems to work just fine :tada:

Thanks !

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