Request for Transfer of Wizebot Premium Features to Alternate Twitch Account


I am reaching out regarding my current situation with Twitch. My primary account is presently deactivated, and I am in the midst of an appeal process to have it reinstated. Given the potential for this process to extend over several months, I am exploring options to continue my streaming activities without significant disruption.

To this end, I am seeking assistance with transferring my Wizebot premium features to an alternate Twitch account. As I have already paid for six months of premium services, it would be greatly beneficial to utilize these features on a different account during this interim period.

Your guidance and support in facilitating this transfer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your understanding and assistance in this matter.

Best regards,

If your main account is banned, you are not allowed to continue streaming on a secondary account as per the Twitch TOS:


If your account is suspended, you may not access or use Twitch services, including:

  • Watching streams
  • Broadcasting
  • Chatting
  • Creating other accounts
  • Appearing/participating in the stream of a third party channel. If a banned user appears in a third party channel while being suspended, this could cause the ban of the channel they appear in.

There’s no way to prove if your account is suspended, deactivated, banned or if you have any record of such thing on your account.

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