RE !duel game still doesn't work

Hi everyone, it’s me again. A while ago, I’ve created a subject (which has been closed, but I didn’t get any clear answer to my question)

Wizebot is set up on my channel and everything is working, except the game !duel. Do wizebot games work when you’re live streaming from a ps4? I thought maybe it wasn’t working because of that, but it doesn’t really make any sense to me, considering everything else is working. Thanks in advance ^-^

Hello @GrotesqueCreature

I think I know where your problem is, but also because you have not given us more info the last time. We conclude post only faster if they were also answered correctly. You had 9 days time to post again, since you did not, the post was closed.

Since you are streaming via the PS4, many things can not be activated or enforced by the Wizebot. You have to connect the PS4 to your PC and run the stream on the PC. Then you have no restrictions! Elgato has simple and good solutions ready to stream on the PC.



Thank you so much! I’ll look into it c:

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