Is there a way to import watch times from other bots?

I’ve been running the StreamElements bot ever since I started streaming, but I’d like to migrate over to WizeBot. SE maintains statistics of people’s watch times over the past year, and I’d like to preserve this data, potentially even translate it into WizeBot levels.

Is there a way to import watch times from other sources into WizeBot? If there isn’t a simple one-click solution, is there perhaps at least an API that would allow me to shovel the data over?

Impossible, the other services use different calculations and different formats which makes it impossible for most of them to import the data.

I’m sorry, I’m a bit confused here – why is it impossible to import the number of minutes that users have spent watching a stream? What I have from stream elements is a very simple table consisting of pairs “username, number of minutes”. I personally find this data rather valuable, and would prefer not to lose it when I migrate to another service…

I understand that translating this to 100% accurate wizebot levels is not possible, and there are a lot of knobs in wizebot that allow you to customize how exactly XP for levels is awarded, but getting at least some rough approximation of levels by just taking the imported watch times, and running the default “this is how much XP we assign for every 10 minutes of watch time” is at least some way of recognizing loyal viewers instead of just giving up and saying “yeah, no, we’re starting from zero”.

I’d also understand if you made the decision to not allow this kind of initial setup of levels, since yeah, it’s not particularly exact, but I personally wouldn’t mind doing the initial assignment myself – I can see that there’s the !level_set command which lets the streamer directly assign levels to viewers, what I’m wondering is if there’s a chance of getting a more directly usable API so that I don’t have to run level_set through twitch chat for every single viewer in order to set the levels, and if there’s a way to directly assign the current XP to users (either with a command, or through an API).

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