I cant force an update on the lists and analysis tab

I was trying to find my unfollowers on twitch. but I cant use the force update button as it’s not available.(it’s greyed out on the page )

What’s your channel name?



“Forced update” is available with a premium (standard) account.

You have a “tooltip” that appears when you hover the mouse over the button to indicate this (as well as the courone sign that indicates the limitation) :slight_smile:

I know this, but when I hover the mouse over the button it doesn’t let my press it.it worked a few days ago but not anymore.

You no longer have a premium account.

You probably had the premium account offered with your registration, which allowed you to use this option.

After that, the update is done every 24/48 hours, so this button is really for exceptional cases and useless under normal circumstances :slight_smile:

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