[EN] V17 update (20/04/2020)

:rocket: Our V17 update is deployed!

First of all, we renew our support to you during this difficult period :purple_heart:

The update we are rolling out today is a rather unusual update, the current situation being one of the main causes.

Over the past few weeks we have done our best to maintain the same continuity in the development and improvement of the service. The objective is almost achieved, but the follow-up of our roadmap is still very disrupted at the moment.

You can find below the list of changes for this new update followed by information concerning the “Followers verification” tool that we tested this weekend.

Good reading ! :slight_smile:


List of changes

[ADD] New functionality: the list of "questions and answers" is available in your personalized command under the type of the same name.
[ADD] The custom event system now has a TEST sending system (Available on the functionality configuration page).
[ADD] It is now possible to "restart" your "Custom name" instance from the corresponding page.

[ADD] Added !restrict and !unrestrict commands (followed by a nickname) adding / removing a user restriction with the "bot" restriction.
[ADD] The links in the virtual store (Text displayed) are now transformed into "clickable button".
[ADD] Line breaks in the virtual store (Text displayed) are now taken into account.
[ADD] Addition of an option on the "Viewers Card" extension to hide the number of warnings.
[ADD] Addition of an option which allows to define the maximum activity time before being considered as AFK in the attribution of the experience of the level system.
[ADD] Added automatic attribution by moderator for virtual currency.
[ADD] You can now configure the "Anti-crash" delay, the maximum delay before our system calculates a new uptime.
[ADD] It is now possible to execute several commands simultaneously of the "admin command" type on the virtual store.
[ADD] Global optimization of Chat instances + additional Chat instances of backup in another geographic area (North America).
[ADD] Addition of instances of "emergency rescue" in the event of major unavailability with the Twitch chat servers.
[ADD] Addition of the "Moderators under cooldown" option for WizeBot games.
[ADD] It is now possible to define the delay before a live goes offline (By WizeBot) after the offline detection of Twitch.
[ADD] It is now possible to restrict moderators to cooldown's custom commands on the commands itself.
[ADD] It is now possible to protect users from duels (Duels will not be possible against these users).
[ADD] The Super-Users management is now renamed to "Account sharing", quick access is available at the bottom left of the panel.
[ADD] Addition of an additional loading indicator for the lists (Followers, etc.) on our panel and on external sites (Personalized).

[UPD] Increase of the size limit of the title and the message of the notices of our extension "Streaming Notice".
[UPD] The TOP of the virtual currency is restored on the command !account.

[NEW] Upgrade of our Twitch extension "Streaming Notice" to version 0.2.1 including new features and improvements.
[NEW] Upgrade of our Twitch extension "Viewer Card" to version 0.0.5 including new features and improvements.

[FIX] Correction of the uptime (notification + command) for uptimes older than one month.
[FIX] Fixed a "rare" problem that prevents the correct calculation of the uptime.
[FIX] Fixed some problems with external site images as well as some widgets.
[FIX] Correction of a display problem with the quote overlay.
[FIX] Fixed a display problem with emoticons on the external site (list of commands, quotes, etc.).
[FIX] Fixed an issue that occurs very rarely in certain cases on the SongRequest.
[FIX] The streamer now has the rank of "followers" and "subscribers" on the virtual store.
[FIX] Retrieving the correct "name" for the list of followers / unfollowers.
[FIX] The list of unfollows now takes into account accounts suspended / deleted by Twitch.
[FIX] Taking into account alternative links for authorizing clips.
[FIX] Optimization of user management and change of "nickname".
[FIX] Correction of several errors on the TAGS list.
[FIX] Fixed various display issues with our Twitter Card.
[FIX] Correction on the announcement system, the system precisely calculates the first announcements according to the defined frequency.
[FIX] The announcement system now takes the first announcement (For the "Line by line" type).
[FIX] WizeBot games handle the TAG $currency much better (More specifically the remove_or_exit action).
[FIX] The cooldown is better managed on games when using a TAG $currency (More precisely the remove_or_exit action).
[FIX] Better inclusion of special characters in messages and in the calculation of the Twitch limit (500 characters).
[FIX] Reopening of the "Music Player" platform.
[FIX] Some editable texts without a premium account were not editable on the panel, the problem is corrected.

[OPT] Improvement of the management of user accounts (viewers).
[OPT] Update of our base of known bots (For the exclusion of ranks / levels and other systems).
[OPT] "Reduction" of the verification time of the "Last FM" integration.
[OPT] Reduced update time for "Followers" and "Subscribers" caches on our internal systems.
[OPT] Verification of followers is also done without the active notification system.
[OPT] We have changed the configuration of the level system for more understanding.
[OPT] Detection of closed accounts in unfollowers is now much more precise.
[OPT] Improved display of followers on the panel and on personalized sites.
[OPT] Modification of the limits of the protection of "long messages" and "long words" on 500 maximum.


"Followers verification" tool

We announced several weeks ago the development of a feature to remove “bots follows” from your list of followers.

The tool is in the finalization phase, we tested this weekend its functioning on several channels following our invitation sent on Twitter.

It was initially planned that the tool will be available for this update but we still have to do some tests and adjustments.

We are planning deployment for the coming week! :slight_smile:

  Find our roadmap via this link to follow developments of service.

  Feel free also to follow our Twitter account to get the latest news from the service.

The WizeBot team.