[EN] V17.1 update (10/05/2020)

:rocket: Our V17.1 update is deployed!

Less than 30 days separate us from the last update, today we deploy an update smaller in terms of change than the previous one but richer in improvement.

It is also an opportunity to mark an important point in the evolution of WizeBot,
We have exceeded the symbolic milestone of 500,000 streamings using the service! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your trust :purple_heart:

Find the changes of this new version below, enjoy reading!


Advanced follower management

It is finally available (after some delays) in preview for all users with premium account.

This tool will allow you to control your list of followers and perform actions such as removing invalid bots / accounts from this list.

In the event that a recent bot raid is not detected by our system, it will be possible to contact us with details (Date and time) to intervene on your list of followers and include possible unknown bots in our database.

An additional tool is also available, this tool allows you to manually delete one or more followers from your list.


Authorization of clips

It is now possible to authorize only clips from your channel, from a predefined list or all clips in the permissions of the link management.

In addition, you now have the option of defining the cooldown of the system for creating an automatic clip of the !clip command and of automatic creation via Chat.
The cooldown is now displayed during command execution and automatic creation.

An option (3 choices) is also available allowing the control of the creation of Tweets during an automatic clip in order to limit spam.


Advanced protection

The advanced protection (maximum level) detects β€œbanned” accounts on the channel (A reconnection on WizeBot is necessary to refresh the authentication rights) to block them in the notifications.


Management of emoticons

The Emoticon Spam Protection now includes the ability to configure an own limit for emoticons in your channel.

This allows you to authorize many more emoticons to viewers who are not subscribed to your channel when using emoticons unlocked by channel points.


List of changes

[ADD] Added a summary of unused premium codes on the "Premium Subscription" page.
[ADD] It is now possible to deactivate the protections (Message filters) for bits with minimum amount (Configurable).
[FIX] Fixed an issue that did not take into account the cooldown moderator "bypass" for custom commands.
[OPT] Improvement of the !song / !currentsong command and of the LastFM management.
[OPT] Optimization of LastFM management.
[ADD] It is now possible to test (Via the streamer account) the !song command offline for LastFM.
[UPD] The mention of cooldown is now displayed in minutes (If >60s).
[ADD] Addition of the type "count" in the creation of an command in the Chat.
[ADD] Addition of the advanced TAG $random_string (text1,text2,text3,...) for your commands and editable texts.
[ADD] Added protection to avoid a "!give" (virtual currency) on an account not found on Twitch.
[OPT] Wave of optimizations and improvements on our authentication systems and custom name management.
[OPT] Optimization of our internal systems.
[OPT] Optimization & improvement of the verification of the beginnings of LIVE.

[ADD] Our Twitch Viewer Card extension now displays the rank (Months).
[UPD] Update of our "ViewerCard" extension to correct a display problem.

[FIX] The alias system is now well "active" for non-premium users.
[PRM] Non-premium users can now reset the activation criteria for custom announces (A button is present in the category).
[PRM] The "Personalized links" functionality (Custom website) is now available for non-premium users.
[PRM] The option "Limitation" (Song Request) is now available for non-premium users.
[PRM] The "Tweet in Chat" option (Twitter integration) is now available for non-premium users.

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Thank you again for your trust and see you soon (:face_with_hand_over_mouth:),

Take care of yourself :purple_heart:

The WizeBot team.