[EN] Update V18

:rocket:   Our V18 update is deployed!

Find below all the changes for this new version!

It includes more than 6 months of changes (see last section), optimizations, corrections,

Have a good reading! :slight_smile:


Discord Integration

Discord integration is a feature that allows you to interact with your Discord servers.

Through the discord WebHook system, it is now possible to automate the sending of messages to your Discord servers.

Live startup notifications, game/status changes, Twitch polls and much more are automatable!

In addition, an advanced template and TAG system is available to allow you to create your own automations via commands, service texts, etc.


Community management

The community manager allows you to create and/or manage your communities on WizeBot.

Here are the community management features:

  • Community Raid,
  • Community banlist,
  • Dedicated portal with real time information,
  • Twitter and Discord integration,
  • Member permissions management.


LoupeDeck integration

Execute your commands, manage your SongRequests and display your data!

With our new integration, all this is possible via your LoupeDeck.
A plugin is specially available to manage these possibilities.


Roller simulator

The “Roller simulator” is the ultimate tool to make your giveaways / raffles.

The draw is visual, an overlay is available in addition for your streaming scenes.
It allows the complete management of your giveaways, as well as the visualization of the participants in live.



Draw system (!draw)

The draw system has received several improvements:

  • Added sub-commands (!draw) suspend / unsuspend and purge,
  • It is possible to create permanent draws (configurable from the panel),
  • The uptime_global condition is now available for your draws.


List of additional changes

[ADD] Added the ability to call a URL when running an alert variation for your custom alerts (Widgets).
[ADD] It is now possible to choose the order of categories (except subscription categories) in the Leaderboard extension.
[ADD] Added the ability to test a specific variation for your custom alerts (Widgets).
[ADD] Added various additional informative error messages when editing custom alerts (Widgets).
[ADD] Improved message handling on chat overlays.
[ADD] Added "Delete messages outside" option for chat overlays.
[ADD] Added three commands to manage SCREEN overlay, notification area and alert widgets.
[ADD] Added WebRcon support for RUST in the Telnet/Rcon integration.
[ADD] Added two types of Twitch channel point actions.
[ADD] Viewer.wizebot.tv will unlock your account if it is on our bots/spammers list.
[ADD] Hype train (Twitch) events are now sent to the custom event system.
[ADD] Added announcement type (/announce) in creating commands from chat.
[ADD] The chat overlay now supports announcements (/announce).
[ADD] It is now possible to return to one's account after logging into a shared account.
[ADD] It is now possible to define a custom name for an alert variation (to identify it faster in the list).
[ADD] Improvements and optimizations to the editing of custom alerts.
[ADD] Improvements to the panel lists.
[ADD] Text-to-speech is now available for all alerts.
[ADD] It is now possible to delete a user's data via his login (Twitch).
[ADD] Added condition "Simple "Gift" only" for subscription gift alert.
[ADD] -1 value on command cooldown allows to force no cooldown (even if a general cooldown is defined).
[ADD] Added a new template for the chat overlay.
[ADD] Added a new option "Exclude commands" for chat overlays.
[ADD] Optimization of the chat overlay system.
[ADD] The "Notification type" option for subscription and follower notifications is now editable by non-premium users.
[ADD] The "Notification type" options for subscription and follower notifications now contain the "announcement" type.
[ADD] Added an alias TAG and a cooldown_per_user TAG for creating commands via chat.
[ADD] The "Global command modification" type now has the option "Include or not the message at the end".
[ADD] The "Global command Modification" type now supports advanced TAGs of the command value.
[ADD] Custom Alert API now supports POST and Json POST via body.
[ADD] Added usage limitation for your custom commands.
[ADD] Added advanced keywords for your custom commands.

[UPD] Improved retrieval of Twitch account data (via the $twitch() TAG).
[UPD] Updated the documentation of the advanced $twitch() TAG.
[UPD] Prediction creation from the chat takes into account more than 2 choices.
[UPD] Twitch prediction notification takes more than 2 choices into account.
[UPD] Aliases for prediction and polling templates are now lower case mandatory.
[UPD] Global aliases are now required to be lowercase.
[UPD] The custom event "songrequest_play" will always be sent even if the live is offline.

[FIX] Correction of the command to create predictions from the chat.
[FIX] Fixed and optimized custom alerts (Widgets).
[FIX] Fixed various problems when editing and displaying configuration on the panel.
[FIX] Fixed problem with "Sub gifts" alert for widgets.
[FIX] Fixed problem with Twitch channel point rewards.
[FIX] Optimized TO target for Twitch channel point rewards.
[FIX] Better support for MP4 on the custom alert system.
[FIX] Fixed the increase in the maximum number of tickets for the raffle.
[FIX] Various fixes and optimizations to the custom alert system.
[FIX] Fixed "left" position of horizontal orientation on custom alerts.
[FIX] Fixed a problem with the announcement list.
[FIX] Increased the maximum number of announcements in a single list.
[FIX] Optimization of the search / change of category on the commands list (external site).
[FIX] Reset of viewer data is now 100% operational.
[FIX] Fixed problem with font names with spaces for custom alerts.
[FIX] Fixed problem with double sound when using the voice synthesis of commands (+ one sound).
[FIX] Fixed frequency options for run game and bomb game (for non-premium users).
[FIX] Fixed a problem with the "set" action of the "currency" api.
[FIX] Fixed "Purge history" action in draw history.
[FIX] Correction and optimization of the display of dates on the panel lists.

[OPT] Improved all random functions of the service (Multi-text commands, random tags, etc).
[OPT] Improvement of the priority system with the cooldowns of the commands.


List of changes in preV18 versions

You can find on your panel in the “Novelties” section the list of changes of the last 8 versions pre-V18.

These versions are updates made for the preparation of V18, they represent more than 6 months of constant updates.

  Also feel free to follow our Twitter account to get the latest news about the service.

Thank you for your trust! :purple_heart:

The WizeBot team.