[EN] Update V17.7

:rocket: Our V17.7 update is deployed!

The first update of this beginning of the year is deployed!

After a chaotic year 2020, our roadmap is back on track and we have some surprises in preparation for 2021.

This includes the latest changes / patches and last optimizations deployed since the previous update,

Enjoy reading! :slight_smile:


Notification: Hype Train

The Hype Train notification is available !

Don’t miss the beginning of the Hype Trains anymore with this feature integrated to WizeBot!

It allows you to set up a complete notification for the beginning, progress and end of the Hype Train.

In addition, it is possible to create a command that lets you know when the next Hype Train is available again (Cooldown).

An advanced TAG completes this one : $twitch_hype_train(next_train,cooldown,Possible now)


List of changes


[OPT] Global optimization of message processing.
[OPT] Global optimization of viewer list processing.
[OPT] Global service optimization.
[OPT] Optimization of the TOP system (external site).
[OPT] Level system optimization.
[OPT] Optimization of closed accounts verification (followers / unfollowers list).
[OPT] Optimization of the Twitch extension leaderboard processing.
[OPT] Optimization of the uptime management.



[ADD] An option to perform actions from the WizeBot account when using a custom name.
[ADD] Added two more options for VIP's: !settitle and !setgame authorization.
[ADD] (Update) New leaderboard extension: New design, faster, multi-leaderboard.
[ADD] Added "Minimum frequency" option for MultiTwitch integration.
[ADD] Changed notification sounds for sounds under Creative Commons 0 (CC0) license.
[ADD] Added "Player" and "Chat Twitch" option for custom site.
[ADD] Updated the !setgame command: the command now returns a notification if the game is not found on Twitch.
[ADD] Updated !settitle command.
[ADD] Resetting a user's level / rank is now available on the Rank & Level configuration page.
[ADD] It is now possible to reset all the data of one or more viewers.
[ADD] The uptime objective now allows to define up to 6 months objectives.
[ADD] It is now possible to define your account when creating an auto clip.
[ADD] Detection of status and category update is much faster.
[ADD] Detection of new followers is much faster.
[ADD] Detection of live start is much faster.
[ADD] The !mt alias is now linked to the !multitwitch command.
[ADD] Added the "Delayed send" option for the live start tweet.
[ADD] Added a "Debug" to try to fix the freeze problem in the notification area (for the first sounds).
[ADD] "Language choice" option for the "Wikipedia" feature (Experimental).
[ADD] Added the tag $twitch(followers,viewer_name) to return the number of followers.
[ADD] Accents (éêè etc) are now well taken into account in the hashtag (#) of tweets on our service.



[UPD] The leaderboard, in case of similar level, returns these in the right order (according to experience).
[UPD] Updated the text of the quotes + Added the text modification on the feature page.
[UPD] The QList system (FAQ) no longer takes into account the cooldown (of the command / global).



[FIX] Fixed problem with the user deletion / reset page.
[FIX] Fixed problem with the uptime displayed on our Twitter Card.
[FIX] Fixed reset of ranks & levels (Form per user).
[FIX] Fixed problem identifying "bots"/"spectators" in the chat.
[FIX] Fixed bugs and optimized the welcome system.
[FIX] Fixed clip detection / clip permissions.
[FIX] Fixed the automatic clip widget that freezes when the clip is displayed.

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Thank you for your trust! :purple_heart:

The WizeBot team.