[EN] Update V15 (12/10/2019)

:rocket: Our update V15 is deployed!

Several weeks of work separates us from the last update, here is today the deployment of our version 15 which brings a lot of changes.

Below are the details of these changes and news, good reading! :slight_smile:

:small_blue_diamond: Notification of BITS (Twitch)

Our service already has a notification system for BITS (Twitch), however the system attached to our donation system (former panel) was not optimal.

A new system is now available and configurable from the new panel, you can manage bit conversion to your currency as well as create step on a minimum amount basis.

See you on the page “Notifications > Bits” to manage this new system.

:small_blue_diamond: Virtual Store: The “LootBox’s”!

A new type of action is available for your virtual articles!

The type LootBox allows to play the chance to obtain a price, a key or any other information (According to your choice :slight_smile: )


This system is available with 4 sub-actions:

  • Simple text,
  • List system (/ lots),
  • Execution of one or more Advanced Tag’s,
  • API call (URL).

You can choose the number of chances to win (out of 10) when setting up the item.

:small_blue_diamond: Experimental Features

A new page is available on our panel, this page contains the experimental features below:

  • !wikipedia command,
  • !collection command,
  • Notification “New hour”,
  • Notification “New message”.

These features are in phase of TEST, this page allows to have access as a preview.

:small_blue_diamond: Message filters (Anti-spam)

Complete overhaul of our page “anti-spam” which becomes “Message Filters” with the addition of several new protections and additional options for existing filters.

Some protections have received optimizations and corrections, in some cases it may be necessary to review your configuration.

:small_blue_diamond: Dashboard ALPHA V0.1

In addition to the partial redesign of our panel, we offer the opportunity to test the first prototype of our interactive Dashboard.

This Dashboard is a prototype in TEST, the visual as well as the operation (internal & external) are not definitive.

To access it, go to the panel in the "ALPHA Dashboard section ".

:small_blue_diamond: Partial overhaul of our panel

A partial redesign of our panel accompanies this update, we made several modifications and optimizations to make more pleasant the management of your account.

Some details :

  • A double-click on a “slider” allows to display a field of edition to be able to define precisely a value on our panel.
  • Sliders can be manipulated via the arrows (<- & ->) on your keyboard.

:small_blue_diamond: Custom Commands: Categories

You can now define categories for your commands, these categories allow to filter your commands on the list of the commands of the panel as well as on the list of the commands on your external site.

Finally, here is the list of other changes:

[OPT] Optimizing our CDN (WEB browsing speed increased).
[ADD] New game available "Fishing game" (!fish).
[FIX] Fixed authentication (Twitch) on the external site (Custom Domain Name).
[FIX] Automatic CLIP URLs cleanup for permission of clips on link banning.
[FIX] Saving an empty forbidden word list no longer generates "0".
[FIX] The virtual store displays the information again when making a purchase linked to a custom list.
[FIX] It is possible to set the value "0" in the permission by followers for anti-link protection.
[ADD] It is now possible to disable the !account command of the virtual currency.
[ADD] The "suspend" action (!bet suspend) is available for betting, this action suspends the current bet (before expiration).
[FIX] The latest YouTube video is now correct when viewed in chat.
[FIX] Fixed a problem with "Followers" status detection.
[ADD] The TAG "$time()" is available to display the time according to your time_zone or the one configured on the TAG (see documentation).
[ADD] You can now block the display of unfollowers and unsubscribers for a set period of time (My Account > Manage My Account).
[ADD] The connections of your Super Users are now saved in the protection history.
[FIX] Fixed a problem with the command !fc + viewer name of the streamer.
[ADD] You can set the level of a viewer manually using the !level_set command. Warning: The modification adds a marker on the viewer (Until level reset) which informs of a manual modification.
[ADD] Added "global" cooldown per user for commands.

[PRM] Notification texts and uptime command are now editable by non-premium users.

See you soon for more news and changes! :slight_smile:

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The WizeBot Team.