[EN] Update V13 (14/06/2019)

:rocket: Our update (V13) is available!

Here is one of the major updates of this year 2019, with the program a multitude of new features, improvements and various corrections.

This update is a great advancement for our roadmap and the closing of our old panel.

Here are the details of the major changes followed by the changelog:

:small_blue_diamond: “Viewer Card” Twitch Extension

One of the key points of our roadmap, the viewer card is a new Twitch extension available for your description.

It displays the information of your viewers in near real-time, no more commands in the Chat, your viewers now have all the information in the description!

:information_source: The installation is very simple, just go to our panel for configuration (Customization) and to obtain the installation link (Via Twitch).


:small_blue_diamond: DarkMode (Dark theme)

Our panel now has a “DarkMode” option that allows you to get a dark theme for the pleasure of your eyes.

The mode is currently in the TEST phase, changes / improvements will arrive in order to obtain the most optimal theme possible.

:information_source: You can activate this mode at the bottom of the panel via the dedicated switch.

:small_blue_diamond: Commands system (New Generation)

Our commands system is now available on the new panel, commands management on a new system and management capable of handling a larger number of commands.

New types are available, as well as additional options for your commands.
It is possible to duplicate your commands, but also disable individually commands.

Go to the “Management” section and then “My commands” to manage your commands.

:information_source: As a reminder, you can create an unlimited number of commands without cost (or premium account) :slight_smile:

:small_blue_diamond: Notification area (New generation)

Our notification area is now configurable on the new panel, in addition to the following new features:

  • New technology,
  • New voice synthesis,
  • New options,
  • Multi-zone management,
  • Widget (overlay) for your streaming software.

:information_source: As a reminder, the notification area allows the reception of all sound and text notifications. It is useful for triggering your sound commands and with voice synthesis.

Go to Tools and then Notification Area to configure your notification area and open it.

:small_blue_diamond: SongRequest (New generation)

Our SongRequest is now on a new technology, much more responsive to the controls and in the management of your playlists.

Additional options are added to this new system.

Go to Tools and then SongRequest to set up your SongRequest and open it for use.

:small_blue_diamond: LEVEL & RANK System (Improvement)

We have implemented several improvements on our RANK & LEVEL system:

  • RANK calculation per month is available (Data reset every month).
  • The LEVEL system now has an anti-AFK system (Deactivatable).

:information_source: More improvements are planned for future updates, as well as improvements to our Twitch extension. Stay tuned ! :slight_smile:

:small_blue_diamond: Offer a premium account

Offering a premium account is now possible!

You can get a premium account as a code directly from our subscription system via the “gift” icon on our premium page.

After purchase the code will be sent to your email address and will be usable by any user using the “key” icon on this same page.

Finally, here are the many other changes:

[FIX] Fix draw (No creation) "viewers" (!draw pick 1 viewers).
[FIX] Correction of the duel with acceptance.
[ADD] A new duel mode is available (Duel with acceptance (+ Bet)).
[FIX] Fixed a calculation problem with virtual currency allocation for subscribers and non-subscribers.
[ADD] The "Japanese" language is now available on our MultiTwitch.live platform.
[OPT] The display of "items" in custom lists is optimized for large lists.
[ADD] The virtual store (External site) is now dynamic, the quantity (Stock), the price as well as the permissions are updated in real time (Without reloading the page).
[OPT] Optimization and various fixes on the virtual store system.
[ADD] Added "Per level" permission for the virtual store.
[FIX] Authorized VIP's permission is now functional for anti-spam protections.
[FIX] Fixed automatic disabling of protections during raids.
[FIX] Fixed the display of "likes" in random quotes (TAG).
[ADD] Two new information is now available (last_host_name, last_host_count).
[ADD] An option is now available to display the commands (External site) according to the viewer's permissions.
[FIX] Fixed a permission issue with the draw system.
[OPT] We have updated our SongRequest player which is now on the latest service technologies.
[FIX] Fixed a "rare" promote (!promote) problem with our SongRequest.
[ADD] We have added several additional options on the configuration of our SongRequest.
[OPT] Optimizing STEAM integration game recovery (When the name does not exactly match the STEAM name).
[FIX] The "Prime" status on the subscription list is now "stored" and "kept" in memory.
[FIX] Optimization of the list system in case of multiple assignment at the same time.
[FIX] It is now possible to use aliases in the addition of command (Via Chat).
[MOD] The goal of uptime is now based on the remaining minutes.
[ADD] A new type of adding quotes is available (With validation (Streamer)).
[ADD] Added a new quick draw (current_subs) for the draw system.
[ADD] Changed the quick draw viewers to current_viewers.
[FIX] Fixed character issues with the last YouTube video.
[FIX] Fixed character issues with the creation of a strawpoll (!strawpoll).
[FIX] Fixed the !warn_reset command of the warning system.
[FIX] Optimization, correction and improvement of our streaming panel.
[OPT] Optimization of chat instance systems (Public) + faster restart in case of crash (Instability).
[OPT] Optimization of chat instance systems (Custom Name).
[OPT] Tweets (Periodic) are automatically deleted if your LIVE stops within 30 minutes after the Tweet is sent.
[OPT] Tweets (LIVE start) are automatically deleted if your LIVE stops within 20 minutes after the Tweet is sent.
[ADD] 3 new commands are available to manage the notification area.
[ADD] The SongRequest Widget is now available for your streaming scenes.
[ADD] It is now possible to create custom bets ("!bet custom": see documentation).
[ADD] Added a cooldown on the confirmation / error messages for bets.
[OPT] Optimization of betting treatment + suppression of the anti-spam system.
[ADD] The "next" (!permit next) value in a permit allows to authorize the next link.
[ADD] Advanced $steam TAG is available for data recovery of your game.
[ADD] The TAG #online_game# is available for the !infogame command, it returns the number of players currently on the game.
[ADD] The control system is now on the new panel accompanied by many improvements, optimizations and additions.
[MOD] It is now possible to use the sign "%" to force a space in the list of forbidden words (In version 2).
[FIX] The notification volume of the notification area is now taken into account.
[MOD] Added an indication when a command is "edited" from Chat.
[MOD] The allocation by "Bits" for the virtual currency is now separated from the donation system.
[MOD] The treatment of the "Cheer" event of the custom event system is now separated from the donation system.
[OPT] Optimization of the automatic clip system.
[FIX] Fix update of "followers" cache.
[ADD] Added anti-spam system to the draw system (See option on the panel for more information).
[ADD] Added subs tiers management for bonus tickets on the draw system.
[ADD] Added the option "Bonus Tickets (Followers)" on the draw system.
[ADD] Added #current_vips# and #current_vip_pourcent# in the !viewers command.
[ADD] Editing quotes is now possible from your panel.
[FIX] The "Pre-fixed commands" option now supports an empty value.

[PRM] The quote system options are now unlocked for non-premium users.
[PRM] Premium users "lite" can now use "SCREEN" type commands.
[PRM] AI management (Activation / Deactivation + Option 8-ball) is now available to non-premium users.
[PRM] Non-premium users can now use the WizeBot notification system.

We are already working on the next update and other surprises are already planned!

Do not forget to follow our Twitter to get all the news about the service, we deploy very regularly changes, improvements as well as new features out of update :slight_smile:

See you soon and thank you for your trust!

The WizeBot Team.

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