[EN] Progress & novelties

:desert_island: It’s the holidays!

But we have novelties for you! :slight_smile:

We have deployed several improvements, fixes and new features in the last few weeks, here is a quick summary:

:small_blue_diamond: Offline Followers Notification

It is now possible to show off-live followers, which allows to thank the followers after your lives.

:information_source: Go to the “Followers Notification” page to configure the “Activation Type”.

:small_blue_diamond: Custom Domain Name (Custom Site)

You can now define a custom domain name for your custom site (xxxx.streaming.lv).

In order to define a domain name you must own the domain name and be able to define DNS records of type “CNAME”. A validation phase (Very fast) is required to activate your custom name.

Various changes and improvements are planned for our custom website, stay tuned :slight_smile:

:information_source: Go to the page “Custom Website” to get the procedure.

:small_blue_diamond: Improved custom commands creation

We have remodeled and added various new features on the commands creation page:

  • It is possible to no longer display an command on the custom website,
  • It is possible to modify the description displayed on the custom website,
  • The text displayed in the chat is modifiable for the type of action “Execution on the SCREEN overlay”,
  • The new type of action “Modification of a global command” makes it possible to modify a global command (Ex: !fc) in depth (Cooldown, permission, alias, etc.),
  • Optimizations and improvements in the performance of the list of commands and editing.

:information_source: You have not created your commands yet? Go to the page “My Orders”!

Finally, here are the other minor changes made:

[ADD] Added multi-text management (Random Text) on all WizeBot games.
[UPD] Changing the size of messages on the "Donation" overlay (old).
[FIX] Fixed the problem when entering the destructive emoticon (Overlay SCREEN).
[OPT] Twitch changes are taken into account for Followers notifications.
[OPT] Optimizing our "Twitch" WebHook system.
[FIX] Fixed a problem (rare) with the icons of our panel.
[FIX] Fixed German translation for automatic tweets (Thanks twitch.tv/nenah!).
[ADD] Our TAG $urlcall() now allows you to execute a URL without returning the result.
[ADD] Added pagination on the virtual shop articles page.
[FIX] Fixed "SongRequest" widget for OBS.
[FIX] Fixed the "Minimum Frequency" option of the "Love / Hate Check".
[ADD] Added virtual currency allocation for subscription donors.
[FIX] Fixed "!zn_volume" command.
[PRM] The "Commands under Permissions" (Custom website) option is now available to non-premium users.
[PRM] The "Object name" drop game option is now available to non-premium users.

Although this period is very “calm”, we have some surprises in preparation,
The normal rhythm (And +) development will resume well before the autumn! :slight_smile:

See you soon and thank you for trust!

The WizeBot team.