[EN] New update V16.1 (16/01/2020)

:rocket: Our update V16.1 is deployed!

We promised it, here is โ€œa little lateโ€ our new update! :slight_smile:

Over the past few weeks, we have focused our efforts on the evolution of our service and our infrastructure in order to prepare for future service evolutions.

This update therefore includes a lot of optimizations, corrections but also some improvements and new features.

For this somewhat unusual update, here is the list of changes ordered by type of modification, good reading !


List of changes

[UPD] Update of our MultiTwitch.live platform.

[PRM] The edition of global commands is now available to non-premium users.
[PRM] The "Type of duel" option is available to non-premium users.

[ADD] The bingo progress notification now contains the indication "Maximum number".
[ADD] It is possible to define the arguments "on and off" on the command !no_game.
[ADD] Two new parameters available for controlling the 7 Days to die integration.
[ADD] The "Emote only" option is now available on the bingo system.
[ADD] The !emoteon and !emoteoff commands are available for your moderators.
[ADD] Addition of several additional actions for the TAG $ custom_data linked to our API "Personalized data": https://support.wizebot.tv/docs/api_custom_datas
[ADD] It is now possible to restrict an command to "OnLive only" and "Offline only".
[ADD] It is now possible to configure permissions separately for clips on the permit system.
[ADD] The (Virtual Currency) slot machine now has an auto-spin feature.
[ADD] Editing of commands is now on an editor more suitable for text as well as "javascript" for the type "Execution on the SCREEN overlay".
[ADD] Added the event "songrequest_play" and "songrequest_pause" on the "Custom events" tool.
[ADD] Addition of the types "Say several simple texts & several actions" in the commands, these types are currently in "BETA" in order to monitor the use.
[ADD] It is now possible to completely deactivate the message when executing a script on the SCREEN overlay.
[ADD] It is now possible to define a period for the limitation on the virtual store.
[ADD] Manual warnings (!w) now suppresses the viewer message (If the step is message deletion).
[ADD] Addition of the "game_name" parameter for the $twitch() tag.

[OPT] The !topup command no longer takes into account blocked accounts & bots + custom name.
[OPT] The !getsong command returns the last track played (if available) when the song request is on pause.
[OPT] Optimization & correction of the allocation of virtual currency during "gifts".
[OPT] Improved processing (+ Performance) of follower notifications.
[OPT] Improvement of our graphics (Followers, Subscribers, Unfollowers, Unsubscribers).
[OPT] Special characters are now well managed by excluding links (Permit).
[OPT] We have made changes & optimizations on our CDNs and CloudFlare.
[OPT] SongRequest handles empty playlists and autoplay much better after adding a title.
[OPT] Global optimization of the SongRequest player.
[OPT] Optimization of the execution of extended commands (Via the streamer account).
[OPT] We have optimized the addition of music in the SongRequest as well as the display of the latest YouTube video.
[OPT] Optimization of the display of clips on the dedicated overlay.
[OPT] Optimization and migration of our WebSockets systems to increase stability.
[OPT] Optimization of speech synthesis processing.
[OPT] Sending private messages is now optimized for mass sending of messages, preventing certain messages from being lost due to the Twitch anti-spam limitation.
[OPT] The (old) dashboard of the new panel manages the two quick tools "Bingo & Bet" much better.
[OPT] Optimization of the LastFM notification system.
[OPT] Increase the duration of sessions (Authentication) on our WEB portal.
[OPT] Optimization of the virtual store management page.

[FIX] The pagination of the list of followers is now well calculated.
[FIX] The !level_set command is now limited to a maximum level of 9999.
[FIX] Fixed an issue with the advanced TAG $instagram (Followers).
[FIX] The allocation of virtual currency for several gifts sub is multiplied by the number of gifts.
[FIX] The list of commands now displays the amount of bits required (If defined on the command).
[FIX] Correction of a display problem with the songrequest playlist (External site).
[FIX] Fixed a small problem with the quick addition of advanced command.
[FIX] Exclusion of automatic mention (Custom commands) when the TAG $(message_clear) is used.
[FIX] Correction of a problem with the ranks list (Level) when one or more users are modified manually (Level edition via !level_set).
[FIX] Auto-split for long messages converts the exact message well.
[FIX] The use of cooldown per user and global on an command is now well taken into account.
[FIX] Fixed a "rare" problem with the SCREEN overlay.
[FIX] The indication "user cooldown" is now displayed correctly.
[FIX] Fixed several "bugs" & "problems" with the "Custom Events" tool.
[FIX] The "API call" type of the virtual store received several corrections, the documentation also received various changes & corrections.

ย ย 

Next maintenance

We have postponed some of our maintenance and interventions for the month of February.

(Small) service cuts will be planned for these interventions, we will come back to these maintenance when the time comes at the beginning of February.

These interventions which for some are important can lead to temporary dysfunctions (During and after intervention), do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter problems or abnormal behavior.

These maintenance will be the last scheduled for this start of the year.

ย  Find our roadmap via this link in order to follow the evolutions of the service.

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The WizeBot team.