[EN] New tools for "developers"

:rocket: New tools!

Our next update is still in preparation, waiting for the deployment of this next update here are two new tools dedicated to people with knowledge in development or / and people wanting to create / develop tools / alerts / interactions very personalized .

1. (Widget) Custom Events

The first tool named “Custom Events” allows real-time (By WebSocket) reception of events like new subscribers, cheers and more directly from your code.

It is possible for example to create personalized alerts, simple or complex animations and many other things (it’s up to you to play :slight_smile: ).

:warning: This tool is currently in the TEST phase and available (temporarily) only to premium users.

You can find all information and documentation from the following link:

:information_source: https://panel.wizebot.tv/development_custom_events

2. (API) Custom Data

The second tool that is named “Custom Data” as an API allows the recording of various data from outside and then the recovery of this data from your commands, announces or texts editable.

You can find all the information on our documentation from the following link:

:information_source: https://support.wizebot.tv/docs/api_custom_datas

Other tools and APIs are planned for later, we’ll come back to that later :slight_smile:

See you soon !

The WizeBot team.

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