[EN] Last corrections / improvements (17/10/2019)

:hammer_and_wrench: Report of the last changes!

A few days separate us from the V15 update, today we publish the latest improvements, corrections and changes in recent days.

Here is the list of changes made to the service:

[UPD] Update of our pre-defined templates.
[UPD] The configuration template change resets the set of old configurations.
[UPD] Update of our Multitwitch platform to version 3.0 (corrections, optimizations and improvements to the program).
[UPD] Update of the "By category" activation of commands & announcements, the category name is no longer sensitive and can be used as a keyword.
[UPD] The !myaccount command is now available and replaces the !myuptime, !mymessage, etc. commands.
[ADD] The advanced tag $viewer() is available and allows retrieval of viewer information (uptime_week, uptime_month, etc).
[FIX] All the frequencies of the games are modifiable by non-premium users.
[FIX] The badge "founder" is well taken into account as a badge "subscriber".
[FIX] The $fortnite() tag is now operational again (API update completed).

See you soon for more news and changes! :slight_smile:

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The WizeBot team.