[EN] Integration of Twitch points (FAQ)

:information_source: FAQ Integration of Twitch points

The integration of Twitch points has been deployed for a few days already, the support not being provided at the moment, here is a small FAQ concerning the functionality:

Does the system not work?

Make sure that the functionality is active on the panel, via the button at the top right of the page.

Wait a few minutes after activation for the system to activate on your channel.

How does the "targeted TO" action work?

It is important to create a reward with the possibility of entering text.
The text to enter is the exact nickname of the targeted person without addition.

This person must be present on the live (In the spectator list) and must not be moderator :slight_smile:

Counter TO is only possible for the targeted person during the 30 seconds of waiting.

Temporary VIP is not working?

It is imperative that the authentication of your account is up to date on WizeBot, a disconnection / reconnection on the panel allows you to refresh this authentication.

How do sound controls work?

For audio actions, you must enter the identifier of the command which is present on the edit page of the command in the title next to the #.

You must enter the identifier without the #.

The sound must be configured in the “Sound configuration” tab for the two actions (Notification area and SCREEN overlay).

Virtual currency conversion does not work?

The conversion does not generate any message, it is also imperative that the virtual money system is active for it to work.

Last update: 06/17/2020