[EN] Integration of the "Premium Lite" offer!

:star: A major change has happened on WizeBot!

We officially deploy today a new type of Premium account which was phase of experimentation on our service.

Under the name “Premium Lite” this type of account has a lower price (2.99€) and has some differences in benefits.

The goal is to offer an affordable subscription for people with little means who want to get additional benefits.

In order to better answer any questions, find below a F.A.Q. :

:black_small_square: The account offered to users with less than 100 followers is still relevant?

Nothing changes on that side! All users with less than 100 followers get a free Premium LITE account up to 100 followers.

:black_small_square: What are the benefits of Lite premium account?

The same as for a standard premium account, with the exception of a few material-intensive advantages (personalized name, presence of the 24-hour bot, priority instance, etc.). All the advantages are explained on the Premium page of our panel.

:black_small_square: Why a premium account system?

Last the WizeBot service people are present in the development, maintenance and all other important tasks for the operation of such a service.

In addition, our service requires a lot of hardware and digital resources (servers, certificates, domain names, CDNs, software licenses and many other things).

Our premium subscription system ensures the sustainability of the service and its evolution for the future.

As a reminder, a premium account is not absolutely not required to use WizeBot.

:black_small_square: Why not use another type of financing?

We thought a lot before the implementation of our subscription system on possible financing to continue our work and therefore the service over time.

Between subscription for streamers, subscription / options for viewers or advertising. Our choice fell on the subscription for streamers on a fixed price.

The price is not trivial, the subscription of a premium account (Standard) is substantially the price of a subscription on Twitch.

:warning: In addition to this new type of Premium account, we will deploy from January 4th, 2019 a price change on our unlimited offer.

The “Unlimited Premium” offer introduced a few years ago to respond to requests is in the process of jeopardizing the stability of our service over the long term.

After a very long reflection on the final termination of this offer, we decided to leave the offer available but increasing its price.

In order to make this transition and on the occasion of the new year: From today until January 3th, all our offers (Except the “Premium Lite” offer) get a discount! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your trust.

The WizeBot team.

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