[EN] Evolution of the creation of commands via the chat

:rocket: The creation of commands via the Chat is evolving!

Here are the points to know about the changes in the system :

  • The “!” (exclamation mark) must be filled in during creation (!cmd add !name_of_the_command), otherwise the command will be executed without it. This also makes it possible to create an executable command from a keyword.

  • It is possible and recommended to use the identifier of your commands for modification or deletion, the identifiers are very easily retrievable from the external site in your list of commands (https://channel_name.streaming.lv/?commands). The identifier must be filled in without the #.

  • You can disable / enable a command from the chat via the argument “on” (to enable) or “off” (to disable) (!cmd off command_id/!command_name).

  • It is now possible to block the modification / deletion of a command from the Chat, the option “Unauthorized modifications” is available from the edition of the command in the section “Advanced configuration” > “PERMISSIONS”.

You can find all these changes with details on our official documentation via the following link: https://support.wizebot.tv/docs/commands_create_chat.

The WizeBot Team