[EN] Anti-bots update

:stop_sign: Our anti-bot detection evolves!

On the Twitch platform, there are different types of bot:

  • The legitimate bots for moderation, tools, games etc. which are usually added by the streamers.

  • The bots of statistics that are not bad (quite the contrary!). These bots are used to feed some statistical tools (Emoticons used, global chat activities, etc.).

  • The illegitimate bots that are present in your list of viewers to monitor your chat and if necessary perform actions such as participation in giveaways, advertising or simply the recovery of specific information such as game keys.

  • And other types of bot (Spams, views-bots, etc).

Our update deployed today includes:

  • Detection for your RANK & LEVEL system of these bots to exclude them from your leaderboards and thus get a list with only your active viewers.

This detection can be activated from our panel in the β€œRank & Level” section, it includes the gain of experience as well as the leaderboards (Extension and external site).

  • The global blocking of 25 additional bots based on a new detection algorithm, these bots will be automatically excluded from all the functionalities of the service (Out of protection).

Many more blockages are coming and eventually they will be done automatically.

So, two new and distinct detection systems are now online on our service.

The upcoming program is as follows:

  • Added the same detection as the RANK & LEVEL system on the allocation of the virtual currency.

  • Exclusion of the giveaway system, auto-giveway, bingo and lottery subscribed bots that would not be detected by the global blocking.

  • Added a command to know if a spectator is in our list of detected bots.

Thank you for your trust and very good weekend! :slight_smile:

The WizeBot team.

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