[EN] Additional instances, backup and progress of development

:rocket: Additional instances, backups and progress of development

As announced before yesterday, we review the deployment of backup instances and additional instances in recent days.

Then to finish on the development progress on the service,

Have a great read! :slight_smile:


What is an instance?

An instance is a system that can receive more than 150 Chats in order to treat incoming and outgoing messages.

We have 2 categories of instances, a reading instance to read and store incoming messages which is broken down into 3 subtypes: Premium, standard and custom-name.

And a sending instance which deals with the sending of messages to all of the Chats.

We now have more than 500 different instances running continuously on the service with the latest additional deployments.

A very “big optimization & stabilization” also took place for all the instances in order to take into account the big increase in activity in recent weeks.


Backup instances

We have two days ago, permanently deployed backup instances that are there to take over in the event of instability with Twitch chat servers.

Instabilities especially at this time are very frequent with Twitch Chats, disconnections are very often the cause of messages not sent or unread on your Chats.

Our instances have a rapid response in the event of instability, but it always happens that certain large cuts make it difficult for the service to operate.

The backup instances are there to further reduce unavailability in the event of a problem and thus make cuts “practically” invisible.

However, it must be taken into account that “zero cuts” is not possible even if this deployment will reduce most of the problems.


Increase of service "material" resources

In addition to the various optimizations deployed on the service, we have increased the material resources of the service in order to take into account the activity of the moment and future weeks.

We still have maintenance operations that are pending, we are awaiting the return of our supplier (servers) for it.


Development progress

The development of the service is still in progress and our next update is progressing very well.

There is a slight slowdown with what is happening in the world at the moment, but we are working to reduce it and respond (as quickly as possible) to the requests of our users.

Thank you all for your trust,

Take care of yourself and be vigilant :purple_heart:

The WizeBot team.