Duel settings timeout user

Is it possible to add a timeout for the losing player? For example, the one who lost, stay away from the chat for 600 seconds

You can use this tag :


as I know it will timeout the one who triggered the com, but how timeout the one who lost, if he is a target? or does it work anyway for the loser? that is, I can use the tag $ twitch_action (timeout, # target #, 600)? I am right?

and most likely I would not ask this question if I could find the twitch action tag among the list of all tags, it is not there. can you give a link to all the tags that are possible on wizebot?

$twitch_action(timeout,#target#,600) is the right TAG!

Concerning the TAG in question, it is for the moment not in the list. It is a secret TAG :shushing_face:
There are no other lists :slight_smile:

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