Custom event question

So i just discovered this bot and im looking to replace my Streamlabs Chatbot but there is one function i dont seem to find.

So in Chatbot you can create events that are triggered when a specific viewer send there first message to chat when they join the stream. So in my case when a certain user comes in the chat and says hi for example, I have a text sent out to chat to promote them.

It only happens on the first message sent by the viewer. Can this be achieved using the Custom Event section in Wizebot and if is there any references into how to create it?

We currently have a system that allows you to say welcome to a person who arrives for the very first time on the chat.
We limit the system to this very first time to avoid spam in the chat rooms.

Regarding the custom events, can you give me more details? :slight_smile:

Well in Streamlabs Chatbot, you can setup a event that when the person writes there first message in the chat, it triggers the text I put in the event. It is only on the first message and the event is tied to only that user. I could make one per user


You asked for more detail but havent responded in 10d… :frowning:

Sorry for the wait, the current period is very busy unfortunately.

As far as I can see, the welcome system (available here: does exactly the same thing, it’s just impossible to say welcome back to people who have already been on your stream :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. With the new keyword feature in custom command, it might be fine now. I just want the keyword to trigger the text the first time only. Welcome message would not work as i need it to be for a specific person.


What would be missing is in the custom commands being able to launch the command on first message only. There is already the possibility of making the command work for a certain user. This would mimic Streamlabs Chatbot Event module. You already have this option for the Welcome message, could it be added as “Type of Command”

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