Command to Show/Hide OBS sources

I currently use Streamlabs Chatbot and am looking to replace it with Wize.Bot. However, my current chat bot allows for users to enter commands into chat, which will show/hide sources on my OBS while streaming.

Is there a way to accomplish this with Wize.Bot, and if so, please walk me through it.

Alternatively, I have tried replicating this effect by using the overlay and commands feature, but I am NOT a coder and no matter what I do I cannot seem to make the example code provided for the “nuke” command work with anything other than the originally provided file.

Any help with either of these directions would be appreciated.

OBS allows to manage scenes by allowing (Via the “Page permissions” option on the source) the browser source.

This is technically possible via the SCREEN overlay,
However, this requires advanced programming.

Information can be found on the following page:

It seems to be that it being accomplished through the screen overlay would defeat the purpose of trying to trigger sources through an webhook api.

Thank you though!

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