!clip should have a optional title parameter and cooldown msg

Hey, I wanna use the !clip command regularly now on my Stream and I was wondering if it would be possible to have an optional parameter after the command for entering the title.


!clip This is a title !

Also, there should be a response if the !clip command is in cooldown.


!clip This is a title!


!clip Another one

Sorry but this action is on cooldown. (xxx seconds)

Kind regarts


Twitch does not allow for the moment the addition of the title during the creation.

Regarding the message of cooldown, for reason of “spam / anti-spam” this message is currently not possible.

We will add the possibility to edit later the creation message that will allow you to add a mention about the cooldown :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I just looked into it.
Mh … wierd its returning the edit page.
Maybe inject the title variable into the form given by the page… but then again this would not be a good long term solution.

I just dont get why Twitch API dont have this option.

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