Additional infos from your viewers ( Virtual shop)

I added a reward “Follow on Twitter”

But when viewers buy this, i need to get their twitter name, so i can follow them.

But as i see, there is no way to get any info from my viewers, when they buy a stuff.

Is there any way to get a text from my viewers, when they buy a reward?

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This is the easiest option currently!

  • You can do this so that your people get a private message from your bot. They should then just write you a private message with their Twitter name, so you can accept it.

  • You can also do that in the chat text is displayed and there, he should please write you a private message on Twitch with his Twitter name.

  • I also believe that you can set it bad that a viewer then gets such a message, then he answers and you get it back.

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Indeed, currently it is the only alternative available.

Later, however, we will add the ability for viewers to insert text :slight_smile:

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