Is it possible to get the Channel Logo for use in the Screen Overlay?

I am trying to get channel logo url to be used in a ‘execute in screen overlay’ command. Essentially i am trying to get the logo data point from this API end point: GET
see also: Reference | Twitch Developers

It looks like Wizebot already has some of this data available through $twitch(data_name,user_name) where we can easily get the login, display_name, url, view_count, and description. However it does not appear to return the logo data point…

Is there an already built-in or easily extendable way of obtaining this data point for use in a ‘execute in screen overlay’ command or will i just need to perform my own XHR from within the command script to obtain the data with my own Client-ID?

You can use it :

Use with moderation :slight_smile:

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you’re amazing! <3

how much moderation should i use? what type of global cooldown would be acceptable if i use this in a command?

Less than 15 different calls per minute. :slight_smile:

great! thank you so much! i love wizebot its been amazingly useful! and i keep finding more stuff each day

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quick follow up question: is it possible to reference $(display_name) from within the command script for ‘execute in screen overlay’ type commands?

This is the code i was trying:

    $(".screen_div").html("<img class='img_anim' src='$(display_name)/sized/300x300' style='position: absolute; left: 50%; transform: translateX(-50%); bottom: -1500px; width: 1000px;' />");

I realize now that this isnt going to work in javascript with the $ function being mapped to jquery; is there a way that you can think of to get the name of the user that triggered the command.

My goal here is to get the avatar of the user that triggers the command, and to use it within a screen overlay.

You can use this tag : #viewer_name#

This tag will be automatically replaced by the name of the viewer that starts the command.

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that works! thank you again! <3

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