[EN] WizeBot in "blue"?

Hello everyone !

You have probably noticed, on the occasion of this new year WizeBot has gone from red to blue and you probably have questions!

Here is a very short F.A.Q. to answer these questions:

Why this sudden change?

This is not a bug or a bad manipulation!

This color is for some time the new pre-dominant color on our service and WizeBot had to be updated on this point (For some time already).

Our service is constantly evolving and this very harmless change is part of the evolution.

But you still have the choice!

All users (Premium or not) can now choose the public instance “WzBot” which is under the old color and which will remain under this color for a long time :slight_smile:

To make this change, simply go to the link below and choose the “WzBot” instance on the “Bot name” option.


Thank you for your understanding and trust! :slight_smile:

The WizeBot team.