[EN] V17.6 update (05/10/2020)

:rocket: Our V17.6 update is deployed!

They are like a mini-update with more than 30 changes, improvements & additions.

In addition to the list of changes, below you’ll find news from our Roadmap as well as our recommendations for Twitch Points reward cooldowns.

Enjoy reading! :slight_smile:


Integration of Twitch Points - Cooldown's

Cooldown’s for your points are available !

Twitch now allows to define cooldown’s by use on points rewards.

We recommend adding a cooldown of at least 5 seconds on rewards using our integration, some actions will only display text if a cooldown (5s minimum) is set to avoid spam in Chats.

The upcoming creation of the custom commands “Twitch Points” (See RoadMap) will require the use of a cooldown.


Update of our Roadmap

The year 2020 is marked by a lot of upheaval in the implementation of our Roadmap and in the development of the service following the events we are still experiencing today.

Our Roadmap is now up to date again, and development will be focused on it over the coming weeks.

Tasks updates will take place in the coming months following the completion of these tasks.

Please visit this link to access our RoadMap.


List of changes

[ADD] Improved documentation for the Magic 8-Ball configuration.
[ADD] Added TAG #gift_total_by_user# which returns the total number of months offered (1, 3, 6... months) when a sub gift is given.
[ADD] Added missing texts in the "Other notifications" section for the beginning and the end of LIVE.
[ADD] Improved Wlink.co links and unique ID generation.
[ADD] The "Targeted TO" action now contains a message when the TO is executed.
[ADD] Addition on the command !myaccount of minutes & seconds on the external site (Top's) and on our TAG $viewer().
[ADD] Added an option to allow the use of the slot machine (Virtual Currency) when your LIVE is offline.
[ADD] Added an option to display only the first or last follow for the !fc command.
[ADD] Added two new options on the "Overlay SCREEN" feature for the emoticon wall.
[ADD] !multitwitch command automatically adds the current channel if only one channel is specified in the command (!multitwitch channel1).
[ADD] The !level_boost command allows without argument to display if a BOOST is in progress and the remaining time.
[ADD] The TAG $twitch_action(start_commercial,duration(30,60,90,120,150,180)) is now available, the third argument (1/0) allows to activate the error return.
[ADD] The commands !rank / level & !top are now configurable on the "Rank & Level" page.
[ADD] It is now possible to earn virtual currency when a viewer reaches a level title.

[FIX] Fixed documentation for the English language.
[FIX] Fixed several translation issues / spelling errors on all portals.
[FIX] Experience BOOST is now limited to X15 maximum (!level_boost).
[FIX] Manual level definition is now limited to 9999 maximum (!level_set).
[FIX] Fixed an issue with Wlink.co (manual) link expiration.
[FIX] Increased the technical limit of forbidden words.
[FIX] Magic 8Ball custom answers are now taken into account.
[FIX] Fixed some external links on the panel.
[FIX] Correction of YouTube actions following an update of the YouTube API.
[FIX] Uptimes to zero will no longer be displayed on the external site (Top's).
[FIX] Fixed an issue with the "Indicator" option for cooldown's of custom commands.
[FIX] Correction of the text of the targeted TO during the TO + time management in hours, minutes and seconds.
[FIX] Fixed problem with the English language on the Wlink.co platform.
[FIX] Titles "imported" on the SongRequest will not be deleted anymore ("Delete titles" option) if you activate the "Keep your titles" option.

[UPD] Optimization of the uptime management.

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The WizeBot team.

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