[EN] Update V17.8

:rocket: Our V17.8 update is deployed!

Find below all the changes for this new version,

On the program several new features, bug fixes and many optimizations !

Enjoy your reading ! :slight_smile:


Wize.Bot APP V3 (ALPHA)

We present you our new Wize.Bot application!

This new application is now more powerful, more ergonomic and will allow in the future to deploy updates more easily.

Currently in ALPHA, here are the present features:

  • Real time generation of text files for the integration of your live data on your overlays.
  • Custom controls (Custom commands, moderator commands, etc.) via your keyboard (Usable in game).
  • Opening of external tools (Notification area, SongRequest, etc.) directly from the application.

Being in ALPHA version, the application is likely to display Windows alerts (Smart Screen) during installation and execution. It will be necessary to force the installation / execution to use our application.

The application is available for download now from our panel.


Command management & creation

Since our last update, several improvements, corrections and optimizations have been made to the command management and creation system.

Here is the list of changes:


[ADD] Added the possibility to block the modification (via chat) of an command.
[ADD] Improved the system of editing commands via the chat.
[ADD] Added support for certain special characters/languages when creating commands in chat.
[ADD] It is now possible to activate / deactivate a command via chat.
[ADD] Improved the display of commands on the custom site.
[ADD] Viewers can now disable whispers (sent by WizeBot) via the !disable command (In private message).
[ADD] Added a button to reset the counter from the commands list (panel).



[OPT] Improved and corrected the processing of commands made via the streamer account.



[FIX] The category list is now ordered by name on the commands list (Custom Site).
[FIX] Various fixes on the commands list of the custom site.
[FIX] Fixed filter change on custom site for commands categories.


Follower management

Follower raids are still rampant on Twitch, but our tools are getting better at dealing with them!

In addition to the improvement of our automatic system and the deployment of a new detection algorithm, it is now possible to launch deletion by date range.

It is also possible to force update the list of followers (and consequently the list of unfollower’s).

Finally, cooldowns are lowered for all tools.


API - Channel Data

Our Channel Data API is now available on our latest API! :slight_smile:

Check out the dedicated documentation to learn more and get the information to use it.

Also, a new API key is available that allows you to perform read-only actions.
You can find your API keys on our panel.


Optimization / Overall service improvement

Over the past few weeks, WizeBot’s infrastructure has undergone a number of changes to ensure better service performance and availability.

New systems are now in place to allow for redundancy and load balancing of systems/data and more efficient management in case of failure.

Measures have also been made to reduce daily maintenance and avoid mini-stops during these operations.

Further enhancements/evolutions are planned in the coming months, and the deployment should be seamless and maintenance-free.


List of additional changes


[OPT] Improvement of the display of the nickname on the notification of the followers.
[OPT] Improved panel information processing, increased loading performance.
[OPT] Improved processing of the whole service, increased performance in processing actions / systems.
[OPT] Improvement of our daily maintenance in order to limit the mini-downtime's during these maintenances.
[OPT] Improvement of API's distribution (WAPI) and Twitch events processing.
[OPT] Improvement of audio / visual data download (datas-01).
[OPT] Global improvement of our infrastructure for outage management and data / system redundancy.
[OPT] Global improvement of our infrastructure for load-balancing.



[ADD] New forbidden words system taking into account more languages.
[ADD] Added two more tools in the management of followers.
[ADD] Added anti-spam option on uptime / viewers count notification.
[ADD] Added a read-only API authentication key.



[FIX] Fix bots / blocked viewer exclusion from ranks & levels (+ uptime / message).
[FIX] Fixed missing texts on the draw system.
[FIX] Automatic clips are created even if there is a problem with the authentication of the streamer account.
[FIX] Fixed problem with external site menus (filters) and safari (IOS).
[FIX] Fixed several display issues with the panel and mobile management.
[FIX] Fixed a problem with the user list for the authorization of clips on the chat.
[FIX] The "Ranks" category no longer displays on the leaderboard extension if no system is configured on your panel.
[FIX] Fixed a problem with some subscriptions allowing the retrieval of various events (Hype Train, Chain Points, etc).
[FIX] The two options "Renew offered subscription" and "Renew offered subscription (Gifter)" are now available to non-premium users.
[OPT/FIX] Improved and fixed game/category switching.
[FIX] Fixed problem with volume bar on notification area + 1% by 1% volume management taken into account.
[FIX] Fixed a problem with the cache of the API "Custom-data".
[FIX] Fixed problem with notification on subscription gift.
[FIX] Various fixes on the automatic giveaway system + verification of the presence of the winner.
[FIX] Fixed a problem with opening the notification area on the Safari browser.

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Thank you for your trust! :purple_heart:

The WizeBot team.