[EN] Update V16 (27/11/2019)

:rocket: Our V16 update is deployed!

One month separates us from the last update, here is our new V16 update today!

Find below the details of the changes for this update, good reading :slight_smile: :


Advanced commands: Quick Add

Our service offers the ability to create advanced commands to display information, perform actions and even interact with certain games.

A new system on the command creation page allows you to create an advanced commands with several examples in just a few clicks.

After creation via this system, you will be able to edit the command as you wish.


Custom commands

Custom commands have received various changes, including:

  • Improvement of the ergonomics of the editing page.
  • It is now possible to restrict an command with a minimum number of BITS.
  • It is now possible to launch an animation TEST (Overlay SCREEN) since editing.
  • Option “Type of command” in preparation for future integrations (Discord, Points Twitch).


Global commands

A global commands page is now available on our panel, this page contains most of the commands that can not be modified on the other pages of the panel (Features various).

Currently in ALPHA, this page allows for the moment to activate / deactivate, modify the alias and change the cooldown for viewers commands.


!topup command (week, month, global)

The command !topup makes it possible to display a TOP10 of the viewers according to their uptimes, the command makes it possible to choose the period taken into account (week, month, global).

This command can be activated and parameterized from the panel.


"DROP" & "RUN" game : Difficulty type

Our two games “DROP” and “RUN” now include an option to choose the difficulty.
The higher difficulty makes it possible to include a small mental calculation in the final command (!take / !shoot).

What to add an additional challenge in your chat! :slight_smile:


7 Days To Die integration

Our advanced integration “7 Days To Die” has received various improvements, here is the detail:

  • Improved communication with the server.
  • Improved command processing.
  • It is possible to TEST the communication with the server from the panel.


Other changes

[ADD] A progress notification is now present during draws (!draw), can be disabled from the panel.
[ADD] The HOST and RAID notification includes the number of followers of the viewer.
[ADD] It is possible to use Advanced Tags in the "lootbox's" of the virtual store.
[ADD] Non-exportable YouTube videos can no longer be added to the SongRequest.
[ADD] "é", "è", "ê" and "ë" are now considered an "e" for custom commands.
[ADD] Added an anti-duplication system for some games and bingo (preventing two winners (simultaneous messages)).

[OPT] Improved error handling for "Custom Name" instances.
[OPT] Optimization of the "Out of Stock" management when using a list in a virtual article.
[OPT] Optimized management of the activation of the display of the virtual currency on the list of ranks.
[OPT] Optimizing protection against repetition (words), protection is "less sensitive" in some cases to avoid false detection.

[FIX] Improved error handling (Title not available) on SongRequest.
[FIX] The "Long messages / Long words" protection is operational.
[FIX] The emoticons of the Twitch point system are well taken into account in the protections.
[FIX] The option "For followers" of the virtual currency allocation is now operational.
[FIX] Optimization of the protections when using pseudo (@nickname) in mention.
[FIX] Volume management works for our two experimental features (New Messages, New Hours).
[FIX] The detail in the purchase history is now correctly displayed on the external site.
[FIX] The type of "Non-lockable lines" list is now well taken into account for the virtual store.
[FIX] Fixed a "out of stock" problem when using a list in a virtual article.
[FIX] Fixed various TAG issues with bot texts.
[FIX] Fixed a display problem with the list of ranks on the external site.

[FIX] Fixed an authentication issue with the Wlink.co platform (secure links).

  In addition to this update, we are releasing a new roadmap available via this link.
This new roadmap will be updated regularly to allow you to follow the development of important features.

  Feel free to follow our Twitter account for the latest news on the service.

The WizeBot team.