[EN] Update V12 (29/12/2018)

:rocket: The last update of the year!

A few days of the new year, here is the deployment of our new update (V12)!

For this update we offer new features and major changes to the service.

Below, find the list of major changes followed by the global list of this version:

:black_small_square: Custom aliases

Aliases are used to create keywords that can be used in some commands to make certain operations faster.

For example, you can create an alias that matches a video game so you can define it more quickly using the !setgame command.

Creation is possible via your panel, but also via your chat (for your moderators).

:black_small_square: Multi-Text Management

Some features like notifications offer Multi-Text Management.
Multi-text management allows you to define several texts that will be repeated randomly.

:black_small_square: Management of subscriptions Tier’s & VIP rank

Tier’s of subscriptions and VIP rank are now configurable on several features namely:

  • Exclusion of protections (anti-spam, anti-link system, forbidden words, etc.).
  • Virtual currency (Attribution by uptime and by events).
  • Virtual shop.
  • Restrictions of orders.
  • Custom commands.
  • SongRequest (Limitation).
  • Automatic CLIP.

The remaining systems will later benefit from this management.

:black_small_square: Virtual currency

The virtual currency now has a dedicated page on your external site to view the various assignments by events and get help on the operation.

:black_small_square: LeaderBoard extension available on IOS

Our Twitch LeaderBoard extension is now visible and available on IOS devices.

:black_small_square: List of other changes:

[FIX] Various fixes on the new announcement system (Timers).
[FIX] The playlist selection (SongRequest) is available for non-premium users.
[FIX] Non-premium users can now use up to 5 playlists.
[FIX] The permission options for the system of forbidden words is now operational.
[FIX] Fixed a problem with the welcome system.
[ADD] Our "Clips" widget is now available!
[ADD] VIP rank management is available on our service.
[ADD] Added permission "Followers" (In addition to permission "VIPs") for your custom commands.
[ADD] Added rank "Followers" / "VIPs" in the list of custom commands (External site).
[ADD] Added "Live Type (Playlist / Live)" criteria for our custom announcement system.
[PRM] The "Sanction Type / Timeout Time" options are now available to non-premium users.
[ADD] Added a warning for the option "Strict detection" in the forbidden word system and deactivation of all activations.
[ADD] Added two headers (X-WizeBot-Channel-TwitchName, X-WizeBot-Channel-TwitchId) for our TAG $urlcall();
[ADD] Added "Bot" option in the restriction users.
[ADD] Added documentation for users restriction.
[ADD] Added a warning on the Ranks & Levels purge action if the user is a super-user.
[ADD] Integration of the management of super-users on our new panel + Addition of the "Full access" option in the permissions.
[ADD] Integration of operator management on our new panel.
[FIX] A problem has just been discovered about the detection (Criterion) status and game for personalized announcements.
[PRM] The "Allowed Users" option in the permit system permissions is now available to non-premium users.
[ADD] Adding the "Quick Add" form to the announcement system (In editing an announcement list).
[ADD] Added the "Define Volume (Percentage)" action on our StreamDeck integration.
[FIX] Optimization / Reduction of resizing / moving blocks on our MultiTwitch platform.
[ADD] Added "Light" option on our MultiTwitch platform.
[FIX] Fixed display of Bits to currency conversion due to a conversion issue.
[FIX] Editing texts (Welcome message, "Click to host" command) are now well taken into account for non-premium users.
[FIX] The title import on our SongRequest is operational even if the titles are already present in another playlist.
[FIX] The channel account (Owner) now exceeds all the restrictions / limitations of the SongRequest.
[FIX] The "Order Type" option for custom announcements was reversed, it's fixed!
[ADD] Added a flag on the announcement lists for "Live Type".
[ADD] The "Snowfall" effect is available again for your SCREEN overlay.
[OPT] Global optimizations of our databases.
[ADD] New version of our forbidden word system (to be activated) that includes much more customization in words and increased performance.
[FIX] The API key is now properly generated when you visit the "Auto Clip" widget page.
[OPT] Optimizing the display of our "Automatic Clip" widget.
[FIX] Subscriber virtual currency allocation now works even if the value per viewer is zero.
[FIX] The auto-giveaway system has received several optimizations and bug fixes.
[ADD] Added a warning message when actions (!settitle /!setgame) are not possible because of an authentication problem.
[ADD] A new "Delete message" (+ silent version) action is available for protections, this action uses the new Twitch tool to delete a single targeted message.
[FIX] Fixed action for protection group "Extended Spam".

Although this update is the last… of the year, we give you an appointment for the next! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your trust,
The WizeBot team.

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