[EN] Update V12.1 (02/03/2019)

:rocket: Version 12.1 is deployed!

For this new version, we focused our work on the migration of the remaining features of our old panel to the new one.

The next updates will also follow this direction in order to close the old panel (No worries, the management of the commands arrives very soon on the new panel :slight_smile:).

In addition, we have made a lot of improvement, correction and some new stuff!

Good reading ! :slight_smile:

:small_blue_diamond: Warning system

The warning system is now configurable from our new panel, in addition to the system now allows to set highly customizable warning steps.

It is therefore possible now to create degrees of sanction that last in time, which allows to automatically manage people who reoffend with appropriate sanctions.

It is possible to add warnings automatically from the protections, but also manually from the Chat via the moderator commands.

:small_blue_diamond: Gestion des textes

The editable text management is now available on the new panel and allows a much simpler modification with search system.

Want to edit the text of an command? From this page, it’s possible! (*)

(*) For some very rare cases, some texts are not modifiable on the service.

:small_blue_diamond: Quote system + Widget

The quote system is now configurable on the new panel.

New options are available as well as a widget (overlay) to randomly display your quotes on your streaming screen.

This new widget (overlay) is very customizable, a choice of template (with options) is available as well as an advanced template to define a raw code for further customization (import / export are available).

:small_blue_diamond: System of β€œemotions” (experimental)

In addition to the changes to our citation system, we are experimenting with a new feature on the list of citations and SongRequest playlist.

This feature allows your viewers to indicate that they like certain quotes / music in real time via a " :purple_heart: " present for each quote / music (clickable for authenticated users).

Little more for the music of SongRequest, the " :purple_heart: " are counted with all the channels using our SongRequest. That is, a music will have an identical count on all channels :slight_smile:

:small_blue_diamond: Notification of raids

You can now configure a notification for incoming raids.
This notification works as for HOST notifications.

:small_blue_diamond: Game of duel: New type available!

It is now possible to configure the type on the duel game, you can choose between the current type or a type with acceptance (The target viewer must accept (!accept) the duel).

:small_blue_diamond: New TAGs for your texts

New TAGs for your texts are now available, here are the details:

  • $(uptime) : Returns the current uptime.
  • $(current_vips) : Returns the total of VIP’s present on the channel.
  • $(current_moderators) : Returns the total of moderators present on the channel.
  • $(current_subs) : Returns the total subscribers present on the channel.
  • $(session_followers) : Returns the total of new followers during this session.
  • $(session_resubs) : Returns the total of new re-subscriptions during this session.
  • $(session_subs) : Returns the total of new subscriptions during this session.

Here for the β€œimportant” points, find below the following changes.

[MOD] The option "Delete last tweet" (Twitter integration) is now set to ACTIVE by default.
[MOD] By default when creating an announces list, the "Frequency Type" is now set to "After X seconds and X messages".
[MOD] The "Minimum Seconds" option for your announces lists now has a maximum of 7200 seconds (2 hours).
[MOD] The "Minimum seconds" option for your announces lists changes from 120 to 240 seconds by default.
[MOD] The "Minimum Messages" option for your announces lists is increased from 25 to 50 messages by default.
[FIX] The "Date taken into account" criterion for your announces lists is now functional.
[MOD] The "Force plain text" option is now disabled by default and becomes a permanent option.
[MOD] Notifications (Including virtual currency notification) now have an option to choose the type of message sent (Simple Message, Message /me (Action)).
[FIX] The command type "Execute on SCREEN overlay" is now available to users under the "Premium Lite" offer.
[FIX] Fixed confirmation for "!level_boost" command.
[ADD] Added $random_string(Text 1, Text 2, Text 3, etc) TAG.
[ADD] Added a complement of help (On our panel) for our games.
[FIX] Fixed the "Filter Type" option for the "Forbidden Words" system.
[FIX] The deletion of forbidden words in nicks now takes into account the V2 system.
[FIX] The browser "return" now works properly on our new panel.
[FIX] Improvement & Optimization of the welcome system.
[FIX] Improvement & Optimization of the level system.
[FIX] Fixed the command !tweet + added a disable option.
[FIX] Fixed an error with the display of the rank list (Global) when using the "Virtual Currency" column.
[MOD] The !multitwitch command now returns a short link if the channels number is greater than 2.
[MOD] Our platform MultiTwitch.live now allows you to remove the Independent Chat (The deletion of a chat disables the save of your template).
[MOD] Our platform MultiTwitch.live better manages the display on tablets.
[ADD] Mass subscriptions are now well differentiated from the only subscriptions offered.
[MOD] Support for the new Twitch subscription system.
[OPT] Improvement & Optimization of our Subscription management system.
[OPT] Improvement & Optimization of our CDN and related SSL certificates.
[OPT] Improvement & Optimization of our uptime notification system.
[OPT] Optimization of our streaming panel.
[FIX] The change of category (game) or title (status) from the commands "reset" correctly multitwitch links (if enabled).
[FIX] Fix calculation of new followers & new subscriptions.

See you soon! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your trust,
The WizeBot team.

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