[EN] Happy new Year 2020!

:tada:   We wish you a very happy new year 2020!

Another year that is coming to an end and still as many surprises planned for the coming year! :slight_smile:

For this first day of the year, find below more information about our roadmap, our next update and our latest maintenance.


2019 > 2020 roadmap

At the beginning of last year we published a roadmap of the changes / new features to come, a very large part of this roadmap is made and available on the service.

For this new year we have updated our latest roadmap published last month.



In addition, our next update is being finalized and will be published in early January.

The latter will include a multitude of corrections, improvements and optimizations in preparation for our next new features (see below).


Latest maintenance

In recent weeks we have made many changes to our infrastructure and systems to prepare our next features for this new year.

Changes and some maintenance are still to be expected for the month of January. Announcements will be made in due course regarding these.

Thank you for your trust and see you very soon! :slight_smile:

The WizeBot team.