[EN] Development in progress / planned (Updated: 17/08/2022)

Find below an overview of ongoing and planned developments on the service.

This list is not exhaustive, it contains "only" important developments.

Our internal roadmap evolves & changes regularly according to the news of the external platforms and the suggestions & needs of the users (We also keep some surprises :-).


Discord Integration

Status: Pending deployment


The Discord integration will allow as for our Twitter integration to send instant notifications during your live launches, your game changes and many other types of events.

It is expected that our users can configure the sending of notifications / personalized messages according to activation criteria (Via advanced tags).


List of events

Statut : Under development


Tool to visualize and manage the events of the channel in real time.

List of planned events:

  • Subs (T1 / T2 / T3 / Prime),
  • Resubs (T1 / T2 / T3 / Prime),
  • Sub Gifts,
  • Bits,
  • Follows,
  • Raids / Hosts,
  • Security alerts (Notification blocks, bot timeouts / bans, etc.).
  • Moderator pings,
  • Channel points,
  • WizeBot (Events).


My commands (New version)

Status : Under development


Major modifications are being developed on our custom commands system, these modifications include the following:

  • :heavy_check_mark: Keyword system (In addition to aliases),
  • :heavy_check_mark: Removed alias restriction (+ Priority system),
  • Implementation of the commands for the integration of Twitch Points,
  • :heavy_check_mark: Improvement of the list of commands (+ Advanced filtering),
  • Advanced multi-permission system,
  • :heavy_check_mark: Permissions by “Uptime” (Session, week, month, etc).
  • Enhancement of the advanced TAG system,
  • Added an advanced “eval” TAG to create logical scripts / commands.


API - New integrations

Status : Under development


The integration of several new API’s (WAPI) is planned, namely :

  • [AVAILABLE] API: Channel datas,
  • [45%] API: Send message (Chat).


Notification area V2 + moderator ping

Status : Under development


The notification area allows the reception of sound notifications from your bot for several years, the new version is planned to be able to list the last received events (and more?) on a new interface.

This version will come with a “Moderator Ping” system that will allow the moderators of your channel to send you private messages directly to the notification zone. These messages could be accompanied by an audible notification upon reception.


Viewers inventory

Status: Pending


An RPG in your chat? It’s more or less the idea with the inventory viewer!

Your viewers will have a unique inventory that will allow them to store virtual objects of all kinds.

  • A system of creation will allow you to create and to personalize the virtual objects,
  • These virtual objects are recoverable via the virtual store, advanced tags, etc.,
  • These virtual objects will then be usable to do various actions.


Donation system (New generation)

Status: Pending


Voting system

Status: Suspended / Pending


The same as for a “strawpoll” but directly in your chat with the progression and the result in this same Chat.

This system is “almost identical” as Twitch’s new voting system, our development will focus on advanced customization, creating votes via multiple means (chat, advanced tags, streamdeck, etc.) and storing votes in a history searchable.

When Twitch allows it, direct integration will be done between the two systems.

In addition, we expect very advanced links with some of our features like “7 Days To die” integration, “Project Zomboid” and many more (surprises! :))


Dashboard "Streamer"

Status: Suspended / Pending (ALPHA 0.1 available)


The dashboard is where you can control and manage your LIVE and our service (and our other services).

We foresee the possibility of fully customizing the dashboard via a complete system of widgets with some basic ones and those created by the streamers themselves.


Twitch Extension "All in one"

Status: Pending


A “video” Twitch extension allowing a lot of things, namely:

  • Being able to enter a giveaway via a click on a dialog box.
  • To be able to bet via a click on a dialog box.
  • To vote via a click on a dialog box.
  • Miscellaneous information / real time notifications to viewers.
  • And many other features that will come with the updates.


V2 Custom Site

Statut : Pending


Our personalized site has been available for many years for viewing various information concerning your live as well as performing several actions concerning WizeBot.

It is time to work on a brand new version and a new design but also on the existing functionalities on this personalized site.


Streaming panel

Statut : Pending


Our “new” panel is now very close to the final version.

The transition from the functionality of the old version to this new panel is practically done, we will work on the “responsive” side of the panel (for mobiles / tablets) and the improvement of ergonomics in order to make it even easier configuration of your account.

Do you have any suggestions for features or improvements?

Feel free to post them on this forum in the "Suggestions" category of your language!